Potato Powder

Our product range includes a wide range of potato powder.

Potato Powder

Potato Starch is produced by meshing, centrifuging, sieving, drying & other kinds of processing of potatoes.

Potato Powder Specification:

Appearance White fine powder
Odor, taste Specific pure
Moisture 18.0-20.0%
Raw Protein Max. 0.1% is.(in substance)
Raw fat Max. 0.1%
Ash (800oC) Max. 0.25%
pH-value(20% solution) 6.0-8.0
Bulk Weight 600-700g/l
Gelatinization Temperature 660-65 degreeC


  • Dehydrated soups & sauces: Improvement of water binding & consistency
  • Special Meat Products: Positive influence on taste and structure
  • Dumplings, noodles, etc: Improvement of consistency
  • Snacks: Improves suitability for extrusion
  • Wafer, bread & other baked products: Improvement of consistency

Storage/Shelf Life:
If properly stored under dry conditions (max. 70% relative humidity) and well protected from heat: at least 30 months from production.

HDPE bags of 25kg & 50 Kg.