Thin boiling starch has low and uniform viscosity, Thin boiling starches are manufactured by acid addition to raw starch and chemically treated starch. Prepared from natural ingredients, our offered products are demanded across the nationwide market. Thin Boiling Starch is a partially hydrolyzed starch product. Thin Boiling Starch’s application in yarn weaving is particularly advantageous as it does not develop abrasive points on over drying and its flexible film gives the yarn the desired elasticity. Thin boiling starch is readily dispersed in water and can be boiled into a smooth paste without any pretreatment.


  • Thin boiling starch is used in textile industry for sizing and finishing of cotton yarns.
  • Thin boiling starch gives smooth paste for sizing yarns & generating smooth & perfect shaped cotton yarns.
  • Thin boiling starch gives nice flexibility & strength to cotton yarns.
  • Thin boiling starch is also used for calendar sizing purpose.
  • Thin boiling starch is also applicable for special grades of paper to improve ink resistance and printability