Shubhsol YD

Shubhsol YD

We are the leading manufacturers of Shubhsol YD.


  • The Adhesives Industries uses large amount of Shubhsol YD in the preparation of liquid and dry adhesives. Shubhsol YD goes in to the solution instantly and with a lesser quantity of water, because of their greater adhesive strength and fluidity.
  • It serves as an excellent binding agent for sand cores in foundry operations. It gives high green bond strength necessary for the mould to remain intact during handling.


Textile Industries:
As dextrin do not easily react with chemicals, they are specifically suitable for application in the textile field. In Textile printing, they are used as thickener. Free of grit and other impurities, which usually accompany lower grade of starch, they ensure that the copper rolls (used in printing) do not suffer from abrasion. In sizing, they are used with starch to increase adhesiveness. In finishing, they give desired feel to the fabrics.

Color Industries:
Shubhsol YD is largely used in dry distemper. five to ten % of dextrin, mixed with chalk and pigment, acts as carrier and impact good adhesion of the color to the wall.

White dextrin is available in 25-50Kgs. Plastic lined HDPE woven bags.


Description Yellow Dextrin
Appearance Yellow Powder
Moisture soluble 10 to 12
pH 2.5 to 3.0
Acidity for 5gms using NaOH 3 to 4 ml
Mesh size-pass through 85 mesh 85.00
Soluble 90