Gypsum Board & Construction

Gyp flo 75 (water reducing agent)

Gyp flo 75 (water reducing agent)

In gypsum board manufacturing the most expensive process is drying of board. Generally gypsum board manufacturing require water stucco ratio 75 to 82 which requires more drying energy in the production of gypsum board. Gyp Flo-75 is an excellent water reducer for gypsum board manufacturing which can reduce up to 8 % water in gypsum slurry.

Gyp flo 75 (water reducing agent) is cost-effective dispersant and high-range water reducing agent, which exhibits excellent rheological properties especially in gypsum slurry. Gyp Flo-75 reduces the viscosity and improves the fluidity of the gypsum slurry and reduces up to 0.4 kg water per meter square in gypsum. As per gypsum board process for evaporating 1kg water, 1 kilowatt thermal energy is required. The use of Gyp Flo-75 can increase the production capacity with excellent dryer efficiency.

Gyp Flo-75 can be used in any type of gypsum like natural gypsum or synthetic gypsum. Increase the production capacity up to 8% of existing capacity by using Gyp Flow -75.

Gyp Flo-75 is compatible with additives used in gypsum board manufacturing such as modified starch, foaming agent and retarder.


12.5mm Board
Gypsum Purity 90% Without GYP Flo-75 GYP Flo-75
Stucco kg/m2 7.1 7.1
Water kg/m2 5.538 5.112
GYP Flo-75 kg/m2 0 0.017
Paper+additive kg/m2 0.45 0.45
Wet Weight kg/m2 13.088 12.679
Dry weight kg/m2 8.828 8.828
Water loss kg/m2 4.26 3.851
Saves 0.4kw thermal energy /m2 0.409

Saved energy can be utilised to increase plant performance factor.