Gypsum Board & Construction

RTD 50 retarder

RTD 50 retarder

RTD-50 is used to ensure that slurry do not set too quickly before coming to the forming plate and at wet end cutting knife hydration is complete. RTD-50 is a reliable cleaner inside the mixer, reducing the formation of little lumps and increases the running hours of the mixer.

RTD-50 is compatible with additives used in gypsum board manufacturing such as modified starch, foaming agent and fluidizers which control properties like paper bond, fluidity and viscosity.

RTD 50 retarder can be used in any type of gypsum like natural gypsum or synthetic gypsum. Other retarder’s dose is very high like citric acid 1-2 gram /m2 and it reduces the board strength and develops sagging properties of the board whereas RTD-50 dose is 0.40 to
0.70 gram/m2 and it does not affect the strength of the board. Moreover it improves the anti sagging properties of the board. Proper use of RTD 50 retarder will reduce the water/plaster ratio with good fluidity & remarkable cost saving.

Point of economical operation

  • Low water / stucco ratio is always welcome. It saves drying cost, increases dryer efficiency and improves the performance factor.
  • No lump formation in the mixer can increase running hours of the mixer and hence the efficiency of the machine will improve.

Physical Appearance and properties:

Physical Form Brown coloured liquid
Solubility in water 100%
pH 10 % w/w 7-8.5
Density 1.20 -1.24

Packing: 200 kg and 1250kg drums
Store original packaging at temperature that range from 4 to 40 degree Celsius.