Gypsum Board & Construction



TAD-1200 is a copolymer powder. It is re-dispersible in water and has good saponification resistance.

Special Features
TAD-1200 has no effect on rheological properties and is low-emissions, general-purpose powder in the medium range. It is suitable for formulating compounds of high ultimate strength.

By using TAD-1200 following improvements in specific properties are achieved

  • Improved adhesion in cements, limes and gypsum plasters,
  • Improved flexibility as well as protection of mortars
  • Flexural strength in bending, deformability, abrasion resistance and are easier to process.

Excellent Smoothability, Water Retention And Workability
Leveling, thixortropy and water retention are essentially unaffected. The product is ideal for use in combination with other mortal additives intended to enhance specific properties.


Appearance White powder, free flow
Stabilizing system Polyvinyl alcohol etc
Product Technical Data
Item Unit Value Tolerance
Solids content % > 98 +1
Ash content % 10 +2
Bulk density Gm/lit 550-600 +50
Average particle size Um ~ 80 -
PH value - 5.7 -

Temperatures should not be allowed to rise excessively during mixing because TAD-1200 could agglomerate and lead to the formation of small lumps of powder. We recommend allowing the fresh mortar to slake for 5 minutes and then stirring it again. Because this helps to prevent caking.