Maltodextrin (Maize and Rice)


It is a polysaccharide and a complex carbohydrate which is used as food additive and comes in powder form.


  • It has been largely used in making of baby food and mix with other cereal powder to give a low calorie diet for the children.
  • It is also used in snacks such as some potato chips and jerkies.
  • It is used in "light" peanut butter to reduce the fat content but keep the texture.
  • Maltodextrin is also used in brewing to increase the specific gravity of the final product. It has no flavor and is not fermented by yeast, so it does not increase the alcohol content.
  • It is also taken as a supplement in powder form by bodybuilders and other athletes, as it is a quickly digested carbohydrate that supplies the body with enough energy to engage in protein synthesis post-workout.
  • It is used as diluents in single unit dosage preparations such as sachets.


Physical Appearance White free flowing powder, extremely bland in taste
Moisture % Max 5%
DE 4 to 30
Sulphate Ash 1.0% Max
Total Ash 0.1 to 0.2% Max
Acidity% 1.2 to 1.5%
SO2 ppm Max 100
Arsenic 1.0 ppm Max
Copper 5.0 ppm Max
Lead 2.0 ppm Max