Our product range includes a wide range of Coatwel.


Coatwel-40 is a modified starch formulation with controlled viscosity and extra strong film properties. Coatwel-40 finds wide application in the field of paper (coating & sizing). It helps in improving wax pick, gloss smoothness of paper by forming strong and flexible film on fiber. Viscosity of Coatwel-40 can be modified as per customer specification .


Parameters Units Results
Appearance - White in color
Brightness % Min.90±2
Moisture % 12±1
Ash % 0.3-0.4
Viscosity at 10% paste (By Brookfield) cps 18±2(And as per customer specification)
Cold water soluble % Less than 2%

Supplied in HDPE Bags with polythene liner (Net 50 Kgs)