Our product range includes a wide range of Ampcat.


AMPCAT-25 (cationic starch) is a wet end starch used in paper & paper board manufacturing to increase its internal strength properties as well as retention of fillers & fines. It is also used by the manufacturers of AKD emulsions.

AMPCAT-25 (cationic starch) has a cationic charge attached to it, which improves the internal strength properties of the paper by forming a strong bond between the fibers. The electro kinetic attraction promotes better contacts between the anionic cellulose fiber surfaces and the starch hydroxyls groups (Pre-gelatinized cationic starch also available).


  • Improved effluent quality & reduced costs.
  • Faster drainage & improved sheet formation.
  • Increased internal strength properties & retention of fillers & fines.
  • Reduces BOD in the mill effluent.


  • Paper Industry: It increases the retention of fillers & fines, improves the sheets strength properties at low cost. It is used 3 - 10 Kg per one ton paper pulp.


  • 50 kg HDPE bags.


Parameters Units Results
Appearance - Fine white Odor less powder
Moisture % 12 - 14
Ash % 1.5 - 2.0
Soluble - Soluble when cooked.
pH % 4.5 - 6.5
Mesh size - pass through 100 mesh % Passes 85 Mesh
Character - Cationic
Nitrogen Content % Up to 0.3